Capcom Teases New Reveal On Countdown Website

Capcom has launched a website with a countdown on it, presumably ticking away to some kind of new game reveal.

Yesterday, February 14, Capcom posted a link to a website with a countdown on it scheduled to end February 24, 6am GMT. It’s unclear what the countdown is specifically for. As the tweet announcing the site mentions nothing.

The site itself doesn’t seem to have any clues as to what it could be. However, this does line up with the finale of the Capcom Street Fighter Pro Tour. So some fans are speculating about the announcement of a new Street Fighter game. This year does mark the 35th anniversary of the Street Fighter series. And Capcom did kind of tease something Street Fighter related last month.

There are a variety of other projects it could be, however. For one, there’s the rumoured Resident Evil 4 Remake supposedly in the works. Some fans have pointed out that the font used for the countdown resembles the font used for the Resident Evil remakes. Though how far out the remake is from being completed isn’t entirely certain.

There’s also the DLC for Resident Evil Village that was announced last year that still needs to be revealed. But it’s unlikely that Capcom would launch a countdown website just for a piece of free DLC. It could also be something completely unexpected. 

Either way, we’ll find out what it is within a week. Let’s just hope it’s not more NFTs.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom