Cause 69 Damage In Borderlands 3 & Your Character Will Laugh


Credit: Gearbox

Borderlands 3 is the best kind of stupid, and what else is the best kind of stupid? Ridiculous sexual references of course, and thankfully you can find at least one in the new Gearbox game.

As spotted by Reddit user Brunky89890, if you manage to do 69 points of damage to your enemy then your character will giggle like a school kid. It’s pretty quiet, but you can check it out in the video below, or over on Reddit via this link.

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In Borderlands 3, if you deal 69 damage to an enemy your character will chuckle. from r/GamingDetails

What a nice – if not slightly pointless – touch!

It’s not just sex references you can find in BL3 – one eagle-eyed gamer has spied a very nice nod to the one and only Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim within Borderlands 3.

Credit: Gearbox

As shared to our Facebook group, MemeByte, YouTuber Game Tutor noticed this nifty little moment in BL3 which should be instantly recognisable to Skyrim players.


Check it out in the video below!

Along with the Skyrim reference, BL3 also includes a number of weapons that pay homage to the likes of The Lord of The Rings, Rick & Morty and even streamer Dr. Disrepect. Because why the heck not?

Celebrating the release of the game, Borderlands 3’s Creative Director, Paul Sage, took to the Take Two blog to write about the experience of making the title.

Credit: Gearbox

Sage writes: “We want you to forget all of the cares and difficulties that are also undoubtedly in your own life. We want to put a smile on your face, make you laugh, and for a little while, escape. Maybe even share that experience with others.

“I hope more than just feeling the team’s passion, more than getting to experience the next Borderlands, you get to sit down, laugh a little, and just have a damn good time. And I hope that it is just the start, given that we have a lot planned for Borderlands 3 over the next year.”

Featured Image Credit: Gearbox

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