Check Out Cooler Master’s Gorgeous CK351 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Style and functionality are two key requirements that can be difficult to fulfil when completing a PC gaming set-up. Cooler Master, however, has said to have done just that. They’ll have you ready to strike at the speed of light as you’re using the CK351 Mechanical Switch Gaming Keyboard with RGB.

A Quick Look at the COOLER Master CK351 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard’s Features

  • Minimalistic brushed aluminium design – built using floating keycaps and with functionality in mind.
  • Mechanical switches – rated for a lifespan of over 100 million clicks and almost 0 debounce time.
  • RGB backlighting – with per-key illumination and multiple lighting modes.
  • On-the-fly controls – real-time adjustments to lighting and media controls.
  • MasterPlus support – for advanced custom functions and device synchronisation.
  • Full N-Key Rollover support – ensuring every key press is registered without failure.
  • 3-Way cable management – using grooves underneath to guarantee an uncluttered set-up.
  • Standard layout – along with a low-friction wrist rest.
  • IP58 Dust & Water Resistance – protection from dust and water spills.
Cooler Master CK351 Gaming keyboard with IP58 Dust & Water Resistance
Credit: Cooler Master

Functional, sleek, and built to last

Housed in a minimalistic, brushed aluminium design, the CK351 keyboard is promised to be the epitome of performance, responsiveness, and visual appeal. Along with its pure black top plate and floating keycaps, are LK-developed mechanical switches rated for over 100 million clicks. Not only will you enjoy an an incredibly long click lifespan, but the CK351 keyboard’s almost 0 debounce time. Amidst the heat of battle in all manner of intense, action-heavy games, this capable yet polished gaming keyboard is sure to not let you down.

For those longer gaming sessions where position is key, the keyboard even comes with a handy wrist rest. Made of low-friction cloth, your improved comfort is a guarantee. Additionally, the CK351 is built to last against the elements, courtesy of the integrated IP58 Dust & Water Resistance. As a result, you can rest easy your new keyboard will be safe from any accidental spills.

Cooler Master CK351 Gaming keyboard with mouse
Credit: Cooler Master

RGB Lighting and customisation options

RGB backlighting can add elegance to already spectacular gaming peripherals. The CK351 keyboard is no different. Equipped with both per-key illumination and multiple lighting modes, you’ll be able to tailor dazzling visual effects to your liking. Your gaming set-up’s visual aesthetic will be more stunning than ever.

Customisation with this optical switch gaming keyboard doesn’t stop there. Utilising the CK351’s on-the-fly controls, making real-time adjustments to lighting or quick-access media controls is a near-instant breeze, so you can focus on the game at hand.

What’s more, you’ll have access to Cooler Master’s brand new MasterPlus software. Along with synchronising other supported devices and gaming peripherals, you’ll be granted even more advanced custom devices. Including being able to map 16.7 million colours, the CK351 keyboard’s possibilities for fine-tuned settings will feel endless.

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Featured Image: Cooler Master