Check Out This Amazing Pokémon Hotel Room in Japan!

It comes as no surprise that Japan has a lot of cool stuff, a lot of which we don’t see anywhere else in the world, and the latest of which comes in the form of an amazing Pokémon themed hotel room!

These Pokémon themed rooms are decked out in Pokémon goodness from top to bottom, that would send any fan giddy with delight.  There are Pokémon bed sheets, wallpaper, cutlery, furniture, even a giant, cuddly Snorlax and more!

Guests that book these rooms will also walk away with some free goodies (and I’m not talking about the bathroom cosmetics that attach to your stick fingers either).  Guests will have an original drawstring bag, an original welcome card and two original hand towers, all of which cannot be purchased anywhere else. The Pokémon themed rooms can be booked-up at a number of Mimaru Hotels across Japan. 


Will you be crossing the land to claim your rightful place to book such a room?  You know it’s your destiny, right?