City Council Criticised For ‘Giant Super Mario Plant Pots’

A council in the United Kingdom has been criticised for placing giant Super Mario plant pots throughout its town.

The town in question is Walsall, and okay, the plant pots aren’t actually from Super Mario, but it’s difficult to deny that the oversized green plant pots aren’t reminiscent of the iconic Piranha Plant and warp pipes from the Nintendo series.

As reported by the Birmingham Mail, residents of Walsall have slammed their town council for splashing the cash on 15 giant green plant pots. Walsall has also been asked to cut £29 million of its budget spending, which is a reason that some townfolk aren’t best pleased by the plant pots.

It beggars belief. It makes the place look more like something from Super Mario Brothers. They look like those warp pipes Mario jumps down,” said one bewildered resident.

super mario bros
Credit: Nintendo

 “We’ve had so many shop closures in the last few years and the best thing the council can come up with is these garish monstrosities,” exclaimed local florist Andrea Loveridge.

We have recently lost Debenhams and M&S and I can’t see them running back to us anytime soon,” said supermarket worker Sue Morrisson, adding, “everyone is calling them Mario pipes, it makes us a bit of a laughing stock.

Councilor of Walsall Adrian Andrew defended the decision to place Super Mario Piranha plants throughout the town.

Residents may be aware of the addition of some colourful planters in the town centre,” Andrew said. “Walsall Council has been awarded £750k each for Bloxwich and Walsall Town centres to make early interventions, building momentum towards the main Towns Fund bid.

The work in Walsall Town Centre is intended to deliver a range of improvements to promote a feeling of wellbeing and safety and enhance the town centre environment and a key element of this work was to introduce more planting into the town centre to create a more social space outside the Walsall Art Gallery.

As long the pots don’t attack, chase, and spit fireballs at people, I’d love my town to have some oversized Super Mario plant pots to brighten it up. Especially if the plant pots can be used as teleportation devices!

What are your thoughts on the Piranha Plant/warp pipes, sorry, I mean green plant pots? Let us know across our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo