Clippy Halo Infinite Is A Thing, And We’re Losing Our Minds

You’ve read the headline right, Clippy Halo Infinite is a thing! Last seen in the early 2000s version of Microsoft Office and officially called ‘Clippit’, Clippy plagued the users of Microsoft Office by bombarding them with editing suggestions during use.

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Originally designed for Microsoft Office 1997 by Kaven J. Atteberry, the infamous Microsoft Paperclip is now remembered fondly through the majesty of meme culture and nostalgia.

Clippy Halo Infinite

Credit: James Shields / 343i

James Shields, Senior Product Manager for Xbox Hardware, took to Twitter on 3rd May to confirm the existence of a Clippy charm and Clippy nameplate in Halo Infinite Season 2 content.

Although we know these cosmetics exist, we have no idea how to unlock them at the time of writing. Whilst we don’t have much information, we feel that it’s only right that players should have their screens flooded with in-game suggestions consistently when equipped.

Clippy is also called Clipster in Halo Infinite for the most part, something that is both a cheeky learn towards making Clippy “Cool” by 90s standards and a dig at all the haters of our lord and saviour.

According to The Verge, Clipster can also be spray painted onto Warthog bonnets (hoods for the US) and Spartan chest armour.

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Featured Image Credit: James Shields / 343i