Halo Infinite No Ping To Our Data Centers Error – How To Fix

Matchmaking hasn’t had the best run in Halo Infinite so far, let’s be honest. It’s better than what it was, but it’s been a consistent issue. One of the reasons is the “Halo Infinite No Ping To Our Data Centers” error.

Why Does The Halo Infinite No Ping To Our Data Centers Error Happen?

Credit: 343i

Halo Infinite can’t connect to its data centres (shocker), but what causes this error? According to Halo Support, it’s due to a users network and not Halop Infinite:

“This error message occurs when your network blocks one of our essential servers. This could be caused by a router, firewall, ISP network, or network administrator. If you use an enterprise-level network, for example, a college dormitory, you may need to contact your IT/network administrator”

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How To Fix the Halo Infinite No Ping To Our Data Centers Error

The following workarounds apply to both console and PC users, so let’s get into it:

Check Server Status

Users can head over to the following Halo Support services to check if servers are down and to make sure it’s not an issue with Halo Infinite:

Credit: 343i

Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

The following steps are default troubleshooting steps everyone should be doing when having any internet issues. Even though other bits of tech may be working fine, the following will drop any temporary files from the router and start up a fresh connection:

  • Power cycle modem and router – Unplug all power cables, wait for a minute and plug them back in and allow them to boot up.
  • Try playing on a wired connection – Wireless signals might be weak depending on where the PC or console is positioned.
  • Disconnect other WiFi devices – Too many connected devices can throttle WiFi connections.
  • Use mobile phone data – This is a good step to check if there’s an issue with a home internet connection or a server issue.

Open Port 3075

Users can open Port 3075 alongside any other ports necessary for Xbox Live services by going into the router settings. More official information on how to open ports can be found here. If users are locked out of their router or cannot open ports, they should contact the relevant internet service provider to resolve this.

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Featured Image Credit: 343i