Close to the Sun – Terrifying Horror Game Gets New Trailer and Screenshots

I love a good horror title, I mean, I scare stupidly easily, but there’s always something extra thrilling when experiencing a good horror, whether that be with a movie or an immersive video game.  We previously covered indie horror title Close to the Sun in July with its pre-Gamescom announcement, but now we have new details, as well as a brand new trailer and a batch of new screenshots.

Developed by Storm in a Teacup and powered by the Unreal Engine 4, Close to the Sun appears to take influences from the likes of System Shock and the BioShock series.  The game is set in an alternative history  during the 19th century and following scientist Nikola Tesla creating a multi-layered ship complex and conducting a host of questionable experiments “for the sake of knowledge”, Tesla’s plans don’t go exactly as he hoped and all hell breaks loose.  Playing as a journalist called Rose in search of your young sister, you are not only investigating the horrors that lurk within the complex, but you must also escape from this hell in one piece, hopefully with your beloved family member.

YouTube video

Gameplay will comprise of not only surviving this horror in a first-person perspective, but according to the official press release, Rose will have to tackle a host of challenging puzzles to progress in her story with “no real means to defend herself” and will have to survive by “running, hiding and quick thinking” all while having the aid of an ally.  Judging by the gameplay trailer, it seems like Close to the Sun might be a blend between BioShock and Alien: Isolation.

Close to the Sun is currently set to release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime during early 2019.  Are you tempted by this horror title?  Let us know across our social media channels.

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