CoD 2020 Will Be Titled ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’

EDIT: Since the time of writing, the title of the next CoD has seemingly been confirmed by Eurogamer. Original story as follows:

Rumours about the next addition to the Call of Duty franchise have been circulating for the best part of a year now, and almost all the supposed-leaks we’re seeing suggest the game will be both Black Ops and Cold War related. Now a new claim has surfaced, which says the next game will be entitled: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

(As always with leaks and rumours, you’re gonna need a pinch of salt for this one).

Credit: Activision

The rumour comes from known CoD leaker, Okami on Twitter [via CharlieINTEL]. In a recent tweet, the user simply shared a Black Ops image with the words “Cold War” plastered over it. While this might not seem too significant, Okami has correctly predicted and leaked a number of CoD tidbits in the past, suggesting there could really be something behind the image.

The supposed title flies directly in the face of the last CoD 2020 rumour we heard.

According to a video from CoD leaker, TheGamingRevolution, (which you can check out below), 2020’s CoD won’t bear the Black Ops title at all, either as 5 or a reboot, though it could possibly tie into the BO lore somehow.

Credit: Activision

Despite allegedly dropping the Black Ops name, the game is rumoured to still be set in Cold War era, with a focus on the Vietnam War.

YouTube video

Whether or not there’s any truth to the rumours remains to be seen, but hopefully we’ll start to hear more info dropping sooner rather than later. Seeing as this will be the last CoD of the current generation of console gaming, it needs to go out with a bang!

Right now it looks like a lot of Activision’s focus is on CoD Warzone and Modern Warfare, so when we’ll get to see an official Call of Duty 2020 announcement is a total mystery.

Featured Image Credit: Activision