COD Black Ops 4 Now Has Loot Boxes And People Aren’t Happy

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is a fun game that’s enjoyed by a lot of people, but d’you know what people don’t enjoy? Loot boxes. And guess what’s just appeared in Black Ops 4? Loot boxes. Thanks, Treyarch.

The newly-added ‘Reserve Crates’ were added in the game’s The Grand Heist update and alongside the potential to scoop some cosmetic upgrades, there’s actually weapons that can boost your exp, lending power to the whole pay-to-win controversy of loot boxes.

Credit: Activision

COD is getting a whole lot of backlash for the Reserve Crates on Twitter, with people sounding off about the “cash-grab” microtransactions.

One user lashed out saying: “F*ck you Treyarch. So now the base cost of the game which is 60 usd, the black ops which is 50 usd,paid battle pass which cannot be earned and now also loot boxes which you can either buy or earn 1/3 of it by playing for 2 hours that too with duplicates.”

Credit: Activision

Another complained: “Activision is out of control. Black Ops 4 is $60, has a $40 Season Pass, has season battle passes like Fortnite which I believe are $10-$20 each, and now they added loot boxes. What the f*ck.”


If you’re interesting, each Reserve Crate will set you back 200 COD Points, which is around £1.79 (approximately $2.35 USD).

Credit: Activision

Unlike other games that still include options loot boxes, the Reserve Crates don’t tell you the chances of each item dropping, meaning you could fork out endless amounts of money trying to get something that’s next-to-impossible to find.

Again, thanks, Treyarch. Thanks.


Featured Image Credit: Activision