CoD Players Are Using The Shotgun As A Hilariously OP Sniper Rifle


Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one helluva game, but now that it’s been out for a week a lot of people have found themselves becoming less and less enamoured with the title thanks to its many bugs, issues and quirks.

One of those quirks comes in the form of a double-barrelled shotgun which boasts absolutely insane range, causing a lot of aggravation and/or humour for lots of players.

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Credit: Activision

The double-barrelled 725 shotgun isn’t the safest choice for your main weapon thanks to its two round capacity that’ll have you reloading more often than not. However, in the hands of the right player, its a bonafide killing machine.

As many players have already discovered, the shotgun has a surprisingly long range thanks to its extended choke, which helps keep a tight lid on the spread of the weapon’s buckshot.

Credit: Activision

Couple with a few add-ons which increase range, including the monolithic suppressor, an extended barrel and a four-times scope, and you no longer have a shotgun. You have a seriously impressive sniper rifle [via Polygon].


Skilled marksmen (and women) can use cover to make the most of those two shots, reload and disappear with the speed and skill of a ninja. If you’re caught in the cross-fire then there’s no way you’re surviving one of these shots.

Credit: Activision

The impressive kills you can make with this hack have already caught the eye of the official CoD Twitter account, where the team behind the game shared a clip from a gamer making the most of the gun.

Although definitely fun, it’s not great for those on the other side of the scope.

In response, one player said: “When people say the dual guage shotgun in #CallofDutyModernWarfare is not op, stop lying that shotty is so OP, causes the whole server to use it which ends up making the match boring and skill less, plus they added slugs that instantly kill you from distances like no other.”

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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