Controversial Minecraft Creator ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Of PewDiePie’s Lets Play

King of YouTube PewDiePie has recently been blessing us all with his Minecraft Let’s Play series, and it’s attracted the attention of one viewer in particular.

The game’s original creator, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, has said he “can’t get enough” of PDP’s antics in the game.

Credit: Mojang

Taking to Twitter to sing his praises, Persson said: “I can’t get enough of @pewdiepie‘s minecraft videos. Best timeline ever!”

Notch sold Mojang to Microsoft almost half a decade ago now, and hasn’t had anything to do with its development since it sold in 2014.

In the past, Notch has come under near-constant criticism for his outlandish social media posts, where he’s been criticised for using the word “feminist” as an insult and for calling a female game dev a “c*nt.”

He’s also come under fire for ‘racist’ claims and is also remembered for proudly promoting the hashtag: “#HeterosexualPrideDay,” leading some fans to warn PDP about associating with him.

Controversy aside, let’s talk about Minecraft, because Notch isn’t the only one who’s loving the latest Let’s Play from Pewds.

Pewds’ Minecraft series is one of his most popular yet, with the first episode racking up 17 million views in just three weeks.

The series’ success isn’t too surprising, because who wouldn’t want to watch one of the world’s biggest YouTube stars playing one of the world’s biggest games?

If you haven’t yet watched an episode I highly recommend that you do.

The YouTuber has now taken to collaborating with other huge internet personalities, including makeup guru James Charles.

YouTube video

Who knew after all this time that people just wanted to see PDP playing video games?!

Featured Image Credit: Mojang