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Cookie Clicker Is Still A Thing And It’s Now On Steam

Remember Cookie Clicker? That weirdly complex browser game that’s primary loop involves, well, clicking a cookie? Well, it’s still around. In fact, the game is actually now available on Steam!

The Steam version of the 2013 browser timesink has only been live since yesterday. Yet, despite this, the game already has 20,000 concurrent players. For context, No Man’s Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 currently have around 10,000.

Impressive right? Well, it gets better, as while the game is ad-free, its £3.99 price tag essentially grants access to the browser experience that can currently be played for free. Although it does come with benefits like Steam Workshop compatibility, cloud saves and music.


Cookie Clicker might seem like a silly joke. Yet, while it started life as a gag, it eventually helped establish the incremental game genre. In fact, without Cookie Clicker, we’d perhaps not have idle experiences like Blaseball or AdVenture Capitalist.

It’s also worth mentioning that while Cookie Clicker’s Steam debut has no doubt revamped the game’s popularity somewhat, the idle game has maintained a dedicated fanbase throughout the years. From the original browser setup to the game’s Google Play app, plenty of users are still regularly clicking that cookie. In fact, you could say that the game’s simplistic loop is slightly on the addictive side.

Cookie Clicker steam release
Credit: Playsaurus

Of course, if you’ve never actually heard of Cookie Clicker before and fancy giving it a shot, you can do so for free on your browser. However, if you’re a long term fan or fancy an ad-free experience, you can now pick the game up on Valve’s storefront for the price of an expensive coffee shop cookie.


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Featured Image Credit: Playsaurus