Could it be The Witcher 4?

Could A New Witcher Game On The Way? WitcherCon Announced

The official Twitter account for The Witcher game has dropped hints that something might be in the works. Best of all? It apparently involves the Netflix TV show.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; surely any upcoming Witcher announcements are related to the Netflix show’s new season, right? Well, perhaps. However, earlier today, the official Twitter account for the game decided to ask The Witcher Netflix Twitter account on a date. As a result, fans are now both confused and excited about what it might actually mean.

Then it was announced that WitcherCon is happening. A collaboration between Netflix and CD Projekt Red to celebrate The Witcher. It sounds like it could be an exciting event, especially for Witcher fans. Below is a press release about what to expect.


Press Release for Witchercon

Taking place on Friday July 9th 2021, WitcherCon is an epic event for Witcher fans old and new, bringing together the worlds of The Witcher video games and the TV series. It will feature:

  • A variety of entertaining and interactive panels spotlighting the people who brought The Witcher to life in-game and on-screen.
  • Breaking news, exclusive behind the scenes and never-before-seen reveals from across The Witcher franchise. 
  • Intimate looks into the creativity and production behind CD PROJEKT RED’s games, including the upcoming mobile game The Witcher: Monster Slayer, comic books and fan gear, AND Netflix’s live action series The Witcher plus merchandise, as well as the anime film Nightmare of the Wolf.
  • Expert explorations into the lore, legends, monsters and origins of the Continent.
Bathtub scene from the witcher game next to same scene from netflix show
Credit: CD Projekt Red/Netflix

How To Watch Witchercon?

You’ll be able to watch WitcherCon on Twitch and YouTube. It will first air at 7pm (CEST) on July 9th. There will be 2 streams, with the both having exclusive content. The second stream will take place at 3am (CEST) on July 10th.

Before we get too carried away, WitcherCon doesn’t mean a new game will definitely happen. “Never before seen reveals” could mean anything from new games to new trailer to new show. While CD Projekt Red could announce something game-related on July 9th, it’s probably not The Witcher 4. As a matter of fact, there’s more evidence to suggest that the impending reveal could be GWENT related, especially since the Twitter account for the card game also chimed into the conversation.


Ultimately, while The Witcher franchise’s conversation with itself and announcement of WitcherCon is exciting, only time will tell in regards to what we will actually see. Hopefully, CD Projekt Red will have something game-related up its sleeve, as the company could be doing with a pickup after the dramatic failings of Cyberpunk 2077.

Witcher 3 and Witcher Netflix
Credit: CD Projekt Red/Netflix

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Featured Image Credit: Credit: CD Projekt Red/Netflix