Could PS3 hardware soon be compatible with PlayStation 5?

It seems that PS3 hardware could soon be compatible with PlayStation 5, according to a new patent that has been filed by Sony.

The patent suggests that PS3 hardware such as the DualShock and the Move controller could soon be compatible with PS5.

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Furthermore, the patent also suggests that PS2 accessories including the EyeToy, memory cards, old media remotes, the PlayStation Mouse, will be compatible with PS5. Even the PSP Go has dropped a mention.

Will PS2 and PS3 accessories really come to PS5?

However, before we get too excited, it’s worth keeping a few things in mind. For starters, filing a patent could mean very little. After all, some companies will file patents just to stop IPs from being pinched. Patents can also represent concept ideas that will likely never come to fruition.

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Even some of the more believable accessories make little sense being used on the PS5. Take for example the EyeToy, a motion camera for the PS2, which was ahead of its time. However, the PS5 already has its own modern camera.

That being said, now that PS2, as well as PS3 games, can be played as part of the PS Plus  Premium subscription, perhaps Sony plans to bring back some EyeToy mini-games to be played with a modern camera?

Some make sense, while others don’t

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Furthermore, why would we use memory cards when everything is stored on the PS5 hard drive? PS1 and PS2 memory cards would require a special adaptor to be used on a modern console with USB ports. Additionally, the PS5 also has its own modern media remote, so there’s little point in using a PS2 or PS3 model.

If you wanted to be really nostalgic, some might want to use retro controllers when playing classic games via the various PS Plus tiers. We have already seen a similar process used by Nintendo with classic games offered with its online subscription service.

Classic controllers available with with NSO

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Depending on the tier, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can pick up special NES, SNES, N64 and even SEGA Mega Drive controllers to be used on the classic library.

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