Ninja Got Killed In Fortnite By The Streamer Who Took The Most Subscribed Twitch Spot Off Him

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is one of the most famous esports players in the world. Ninja has helped to bring esports into the limelight, and though he’s a controversial star, there’s no denying he can play a damn good game of Fornite.

Ninja is one of the highest-ranking Fortnite players in the world – something that he has in common with fellow livestreamer, Tfue, who’s now overtaken his subscriber count on Twitch.

Credit: Instagram/ninja

Ninja and Tfue recently went head-to-head, with the latter taking down Ninja with one of the best builds you’ve probably ever seen.

In the clip, which you can watch in all its glory below, Tfue uses his last building materials to create a double-trap for Ninj, which instantly killed his character.

Naturally, people are loving the trap, with Twitter showering Tfue with praise for taking down the ‘King of Fortnite.’

Credit: Ninja

Tfue isn’t just besting Ninja in Fortnite either, but he’s also dominating in the Twitch subscriber count totals.

Ninja had a pretty impressive run as being the most-subbed-to Twitch star, but now he sits at 10th place according to TwitchStats.

Credit: Twitch

The number one spot is now taken by Shroud, followed by Tfue, TimTheTatMan and Summit1g.

Ninja’s fame and fan adoration has definitely seen a significant drop in the last few months, as the controversial player stands accused of getting a little too big for his boots.

Are you a Ninja fan, or should Tfue become the new face of Epic Games’ Fortnite?

Featured Image Credit: Ninja