CS:GO Pro Receives 5 Year Ban from all Tournaments

A player that goes by the name forsaken’ was banned from competitive CS:GO after cheating in the $100,000 competition he was taking part in.

At the time he was playing for the OpTic India line-up for the popular shooter game. He has since been dropped from the team after receiving his ban.

Credit: OpTic India

A team called the Esports Intergrity Coalition hit Nikhul Kumawat with the 5 year ban from “all esports related activity for or with any ESIC member organisation” after his actions came to light.

The ESIC said this about the situation:

Whilst a substantial amount of the evidence has been available publicly for a few days and there have been many calls for a quick decision and a lifetime ban, we have taken our time to ensure a proper procedure has been followed in accordance with the Code of Conduct to which Kumawat was subject during the Premiership. He was entitled and remains entitled to due process and natural justice. Consequently, we have tried to contact him to offer him a reasonable time to consider the evidence and take the opportunity to plead guilty and accept a proposed sanction or plead not guilty and defend himself before our independent Disciplinary Panel. He has not responded to our attempts to contact him.

This isn’t the first time that Kumawat had been in trouble with the ESIC and could have faced a lifetime ban from esports. However they determined that this time was not related to his previous offence so they hit him with a 5 year ban instead.

OpTic India won the tournament that the player got caught cheating in. Many fans of the game are also saying that the OpTic team should give the trophy back to the tournament runners.

The team was also only put together four months ago by OpTic in a ‘world first’ move by the organisation.

YouTube video

After all this has happened OpTic India put out this tweet about the situation.

Do you think 5 years was long enough or do you think the cheater should have been banned for life?