Dark Souls Is Rumoured To Be Turned Into A Netflix Anime Series

With a massive fanbase behind it, fans will be excited to know that Dark Souls is rumoured to be receiving a Netflix Anime series. Here’s what we know. 

This news comes courtesy of GiantFreakingRobot who has found details around the possible anime adaptation. This would see the FromSoftware’s medieval fantasy being brought to Netflix to join its ever-expanding anime selection. 

Dark Souls Is Rumoured To Be Turned Into A Netflix Anime Series 

Trusted and proven” sources of GiantFreakingRobot claim the events of the Dark Souls anime will follow the events from the first game. 

This would see it take place in the fantasy world of Lordran which is overrun by dragons, monsters, knights and demons. We may see our protagonist take on the role of a Chosen Undead character but of course, this is all just speculation.

At the time of writing this, nothing has been officially announced by either Netflix or possible producers. 

Another Successful Anime?

If this is to be believed, the Dark Souls anime will join other successful anime adaptations such as the recently announced Castlevania: Nocturne. 

Arriving on September 28, this will be the next instalment in the Castlevania series (originally based off the video game series with the same name). 

With the success of Castlevania, which shares some similarities with the Soulslike game, it won’t be a surprise to see the Dark Souls series also perform well. Especially considering the franchise has a large and loyal fanbase. 

Castlevania: Nocturne joins Netflix this September

Additionally, another example of a video game turned anime is Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix. Based on the Far Cry series, this adaptation is yet to receive a release date but does promise a “love letter from the 90s”.

Hopefully we will receive confirmation for the Dark Souls anime sometime soon but for now, we will keep our fingers crossed. 

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