Dark Souls Remastered Has A Free-To-Play Weekend Coming Up

Dark Souls Remastered will be free for you to test out on Nintendo Switch this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited.

The game got delayed on the Nintendo Switch and it’s now been out for a little while on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which means some of the hype has died down a little, but a weekend of free play? Who’d pass that up?

The free weekend is a part of the game’s testing phase, and unfortunately any progress you make won’t be carried over when the full game releases.

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Still, if you’re a Souls veteran who wanted to at least try out the combat on the handheld Switch then this is the opportunity for you.

The servers will be live on Friday 21st September and will run until Sunday 23rd. It won’t be available 24/7 though, as you’ll have to check it out between 6pm and 10pm UK time.

As described in the Nintendo eShop, you’ll be able to explore the Undead Parish, with both single and multiplayer play options available.

Don’t forget the Nintendo Switch Online services have now officially launched, so if you’re playing any online games it’s important to make sure you’ve paid for a subscription. Or at least that you’ve signed up for the seven day free trial.

12 months of Nintendo Online will set you back £17.99 for an individual membership or three months will cost £6.99. 

Unlike PS Plus you won’t get monthly freebies you can save and keep, but you will get access to a bunch of online NES games with regular new additions added and – of course – you’ll be able to play games like Mario Kart online. 

Will you be spending your weekend playing Dark Souls on the Switch, or is this version a little too late to the Dark Souls party?

Dark Souls Remastered releases in full on the Nintendo Switch in a few weeks time on 19th October 2018.