Darkest Dungeon 2 now has a release date

The much anticipated sequel, Darkest Dungeon 2 is set for a May 8 launch, according to the developers at Red Hook.

Darkest Dungeon 2 is set to leave its year and a half long early access and be launched fully in May. For fans of its predecessor, Darkest Dungeon (released in 2015), it’s an exciting time. Even more so as the developers have also announced a demo free to play for Steam and Epic Games Store users.

This demo gives players access to four starter characters as well as a tease of one of the upcoming zones. Not only can you get a feel of the game, you can also see which character suits your play-style the most.

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Demo progress will not carry over 

Although the demo has a large area to experience including both a city and a farm (known as Sprawl or Foetor regions), progress will not save for the full launch. The demo will expire on February 13. So make sure to download it now if you want a taste of the game. 

Live Q&A

Additionally, a live Q&A session will be airing on February 7 at 11 am PST. It will feature the game’s creative director, Chris Bourassa and design director, Tyler Sigman. The session will allow fans of the franchise to ask their burning questions and get information about the upcoming release.

Credit: Official website

“We are excited to announce that Darkest Dungeon II will complete its Early Access run on the Epic Games Store and release in 1.0 on Epic and Steam on May 8,” reads a post on the Darkest Dungeon website. “All of us at Red Hook cannot wait to get the PC 1.0 version into your hands. Until then, we have a few major updates to undertake before our May 8th release, including a big one VERY soon.

Darkest Dungeon 2 1.0 will be released on Monday, May 8 for PC. However, we are currently unsure if the game will also head to console.

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