Apex Legends finally getting highly requested game mode

Apex Legends ‘Revelry’ is set to release on February 14 and it will see players finally get to take on a Team Deathmatch mode.

Since its release in 2019, fans have been desperate for a deathmatch mode for Apex. Now it seems EA have happily obliged. With Respawn itself saying deathmatch “has been our community’s most requested mode,” it is expected to be an exciting new season for players.

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The rules

Apex’s version TDM is nothing out of the ordinary for fans of this mode. It will feature 6v6 gameplay with quick respawns and the first team to 30 kills wins. Then, winning two rounds will win you the whole match. TDM will also take place across three different maps: Skulltown, Party Crasher and Habitat 4. It will be a limited-time mode, so only accessible for the first three weeks of the season.

However, with the new addition of a “permanent modes playlist” known as Mixtape, fans can cycle through a selection of TDM, Gun Run and Control. So, you will still have access after the limited-time event is over.

Credit: EA

The end of Arenas

With the introduction of TDM, 3v3 arenas will now be leaving the game. It has been a mode in Apex since 2021 but Respawn have now commented that Arenas “is not meeting our goals”.

Kotaku reported comments from game mode designer Marty Wong. They said 3v3 mode wasn’t “hitting our goal of being a good place to practice the core combat loop of Apex.” So unfortunately, this season will see it get dropped.

What else is new

Although Apex will not be getting a new legend this season, it will feature a brand new energy gun – the Nemesis. This gun appears at the end of the new trailer and Respawn hopes “to see this potentially unseat favorite standbys like the R-301 and Flatline.”

Finally, although patch notes are yet to be released, it has been confirmed that Lifeline, Seer and Wraith will be getting tweaks. We will report more on these in the future.

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