Dauntless Is Getting A Next-Gen Upgrade, And It Looks Stunning

Rejoice, Dauntless players who own a next-gen console, because the game is getting a big visual upgrade this week.

The update for Dauntless is dropping December 2, and will see a number of visual improvements for next-gen consoles. For one, the game is going to look a lot more detailed. On the website for Dauntless, you can get a good look at how the visuals have been improved for next-gen.

Water in particular is looking great, now a lot less murky than it was before. Lighting, view distance, and higher quality shadows are all included in the updates to the graphics. On top of the improved visuals, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players can play the game in 4K resolution, with a targeted 60 FPS. 

YouTube video

The game will also have 90% faster load times, including on the Xbox Series S. The update doesn’t just include visual improvements though. There’s also 36 new achievements and trophies, which covers all the content they’ve added since the console launch.

ps5 features

PlayStation 5 players are also being treated to in-game support for dynamic adaptive triggers and integrated sound from the DualSense controller. There’s also support for 3D audio, so players will really be able to get into the hunt.

One of the best parts of Dauntless is that the base game is completely free-to-play. If you’re new to the Monster Hunter franchise, then Dauntless might be your best bet for getting started. There’s tonnes of content already in the game, and with the next-gen upgrade, there’s no better time than now (or December 2, to be precise).

Dauntless isn’t the only game that’s recently had a next-gen upgrade. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice recently had some enhancements added to Xbox Series X|S and PC, but it won’t come to PlayStation. Meanwhile, the next-gen upgrades for Cyberpunk 2077 won’t arrive until next year.

Featured Image Credit: Phoenix Labs