Days Gone 2 Could Have Released Last Month, Says Director

With the lack of first-party releases announced at last night’s PlayStation Showcase, Days Gone director reveals its sequel could have been one of them. 

The PlayStation Showcase 2023 announced a lot of new and exciting upcoming releases such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Metal Gear Solid 3 and Alan Wake 2. However, viewers noticed a distinct lack of first-party games coming to PlayStation. 

Days Gone 2 Could Have Released Last Month

In light of the event, Days Gone director and former Sony Bend developer, Jeff Ross took to Twitter to talk about what could have been. With the action-adventure prequel releasing back in 2019 to mixed reviews, Ross revealed its sequel could have arrived this month if they had stuck to their guns.

“I get a little bummed out from these #PlayStationShowcase shows because they only remind me we could of had Days Gone 2 out a month ago if we’d have just stuck to our guns,” Ross wrote.

When asked why they couldn’t still try for a release, Ross replied,Too much time has passed, and over 90 people from the original team have left the studio. And Sony just doesn’t seem to care for it.”

What could have been

Ross goes on to reveal that Days Gone 2 could have had an April 2023 release date if they had stayed on track during production. However, as they first started development back in 2019, it would have been likely they had been affected by the Pandemic. 

In replies to other fan questions, Ross says he can’t really go into details about their plans for Days Gone 2. However, he does reveal that he wanted to “double down” on the cool world systems to “create some great emergent gameplay.” 

Promotional image for Days Gone by Bend Studio
Credit: Bend Studio

So it appears as though we will not be getting the Days Gone sequel anytime soon. However, Sony Bend are reportedly working on a new IP with multiplayer elements. We will be sure to update you on this when we receive more news.

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