Dead By Daylight Dev On Game’s Diversity: ‘No Hate Allowed’

Tara Brannigan, director of player experience for Dead by Daylight, has made it clear that “There’s no hate allowed” in the game in a recent interview with Eurogamer.

The horror genre is really popular in LGBTQ+ communities. A lot of horror villains represent ‘the other’, something that a lot of marginalised groups can often relate to. So it comes as no surprise that Dead by Daylight’s community is filled with diversity.

Brannigan noted that Dead By Daylight’s streamer programme had a lot of bias towards “a very particular type of streamer.” The programme is a way to support streamers of the game, providing codes for streamers’ viewers, ingame currency, and more. So the team changed the criteria to allow a broader range of diversity in Dead by Daylight.

Behaviour Interactive are also working with GaymerX to bring the first LGBTQ+ character to the game. Creative director Dave Richard said they’re “making efforts right now with the team to do a great representation that we are proud of in the game.”

Dead by Daylight graphics
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Richard also said the team wants to make their community a safe space. “We want to make sure that our gaming community is a safe space. That involves adding tools to ban toxic players and a chat filter to ensure the end-game chat is safe.” says Richard. Brannigan is also insistent on making the game a welcoming space.

It’s great to see how important diversity is to the Dead by Daylight team. Gaming spaces can often foster incredibly abusive environments. And there can often be very horrible language used by certain groups of gamers. Homophobic and racial slurs are frequently used in online chats. So to see a developer openly and actively working against it is always a welcome sight.

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Featured Image Credit: Behaviour Interactive/ Daniel Quasar