Dead Island 2 devs show skill decks that will appear in-game

Dead Island 2’s new skill deck is looking to be an exciting addition to the game, a new reveal shows.

Despite the sequel to Dead Island being a long time coming, Dead Island 2 looks to be a new and exciting instalment to the franchise. 

Recently, creative director James Worrall and lead narrative designer Khan of Dambuster Studios were interviewed by Game Informer. The pair revealed what fans can expect from the sequel that was originally announced back in 2014 (Dambuster took over its development in 2019). This Q&A reveals that Dead Island 2 takes place a decade after its predecessor and is set in Los Angeles. This choice of location was because “of the amazing eccentrics and self-confidence of the city” according to the pair.

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Credit: Game Informer

Skill Deck is an upgrade to the skill tree

They go onto tease the addition of a skill deck which Khan reveals is “even better” than a skill tree. “The art is amazing, and they’re fun to look at and all of that, but they’re just really fun to play with. [You can] change skills mid-air; you can take off, change a skill, and land with a different loadout, and that’s just amazing” they said before adding it is “one of – if not the most – exciting additions to the game”.

Worrall explains that the skill deck will consist of slots that represent each ability and you can swap out the slots as you go. “You can take some real risks with your loadout. It sometimes pays off, it sometimes goes horribly wrong,” he added. Khan adds that the level of customisation makes “the game different for each player. It really is about what you’re equipping, and what you’re doing with it. Every dev I’ve met plays [Dead Island 2] differently.” 

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The game is set to be released soon

Despite a string of delays, Dead Island 2 is set to be released on April 28th. It’s described on the official website as “a unique formula of horror, dark humor and over-the-top zombie-slaying, spanning an epic pulp adventure.” 

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