Death Stranding 2 revealed with a spectacular trailer

Death Stranding 2 was revealed with a typically spectacular trailer at The Game Awards last night, garnering cheers of delight from the crowd.

The trailer begins with an organisation known as APAC making its way through a desert sporting its best Royal Guard Star Wars attire. They also appear to be accompanied by some kind of mech.

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Death Stranding 2 appears to have a new foe

We then see Fragile (Lea Séydoux) holding a baby. Could B.B. have taken a proper baby form? After all, B.B. doesn’t appear to be in the Pod. Well, at least to begin with. However, Fragile and the baby are interrupted after their hidden base is infiltrated by a squad of soldiers (presumably APAC). 

Fragile makes a quick getaway, sadly her plans are squandered and it appears that all might not be what it seems. Deception in a Hideo Kojima game? Shocking! We also see what appears to be B.B. reappearing in the Pod.

death stranding 2
Credit: Kojima Productions

What can’t Troy Baker do?

As the trailer comes to its conclusion, we are introduced to an older Sam Porter Bridges (Normal Reedus), as well as a mysterious red-masked character. Could this be the return of Higgs, played by Troy Baker? Only time will tell.

Speaking of Troy, the popular voice actor supplied some of his vocal talents on the song featured in the trailer “BB’s Theme 2022” performed by Ludvig Forssell.

death stranding 2
Credit: Kojima Productions

When is the Death Stranding 2 release date?

At this time, Death Stranding 2 does not have a release date. What’s more, it’s currently labelled as a “working title”, so its release could be a while away. However, it’s safe to assume it will release on PS5 as well as PC at a later date.

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Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions