Death Stranding Extended Edition Reportedly ‘Ready & Done’

Further rumours have surfaced suggesting that the Death Stranding: Extended Edition is on the way and it’s ready to be released soon.

World of Death Stranding
Credit: Kojima Productions

The rumours first began to make the rounds in January 2020, after known industry insider Naftra shared a post on Resetera, suggesting that the Extended Edition is in the works for PS4 and PS5.

The rumoured Death Stranding: Extended Edition will have all the visual and performance improvements that one would expect with a re-release, especially on PS5. However, it’s also suggested that the game will come with some brand new story content.

troy baker death stranding
Credit: Kojima Productions

Many hoped that the rumoured Death Stranding: Extended Edition would be announced during Sony’s February State of Play. Sadly it was not, but fans aren’t the only ones surprised with the lack of a reveal.

On the same Resetera thread from January 2020, Naftra responded to a fellow user asking when Death Stranding might be announced for PS5 [via WCCFtech].

Who knows? It has been ready and done for a while now, though. Genuinely expected it to be revealed today,” said Naftra when asked about the State of Play.

norman reedus death stranding
Credit: Kojima Productions

Naftra elaborated a little further with hopes that the Death Stranding: Extended Edition might still be announced in the near future. 

I’d give it one more month maybe,” continued Naftra.

At this point, as likely as the Extended Edition might be, I will always suggest taking all unconfirmed rumours with a pinch of salt and this story is no different.

death stranding
Credit: Kojima Productions

However, I do believe that the Extended Edition will be announced at some point this year.  Perhaps it might take as long as this coming November which will be the two-year anniversary of when Death Stranding first released in 2019 for PS4.

If you’ve already played and finished Death Stranding, would you pick up the rumoured Extended Edition? Let us know across our social media channels.

Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions