Deathloop Frame Rate Issues Fixed In New Patch

In response to fans’ complaints of slow frame rate and stutters, Arkane Studios has released an update for Deathloop on PC to fix the issue.

Players review bombed Deathloop’s PC version when it was first released due to the stuttery frame rate. They speculated that the issue was linked to the Denuvo – a DRM software. DRM software is often included in new AAA releases on PC and is meant to protect the content of the game against pirating. However, this software uses a huge amount of processing power when run at the same time as a game.

However, while many were convinced the issue lay with the pirating prevention software, some remained sceptical. GameByte had no issues when reviewing the game before release. Denuvo denies its software causes performance issues. 

Credit: Arkane Studios

Some suggested DIY fixes online around changing Deathloop video quality settings. Now it seems like Arkane has found a possible solution, according to reports by NME. On Steam it has added that they are working on more fixes to the issue:

“Additionally, we are looking into a separate, but related issue that we have identified as a factor that may also be a cause of stuttering at high framerates.”

Some posts on Reddit claim that this update has completely fixed the previous stuttering and frame rate issue. Have you downloaded the update and noticed an improvement? We’d love to know – tell us how Deathloop is performing via our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Arkane Studios