Demon’s Souls Remake Players Still Haven’t Found A Few New Items

FromSoftware aficionado Lance McDonald tweeted last night that Bluepoint Games have added a number of new items to the Demon’s Souls remake that haven’t been discovered.

If you have played a FromSoftware game, you know that they are full of tiny secrets and lore. Sometimes you have to do specific sequences to see story events, and your decisions aren’t always clear. Items are often an important part of the games, often containing tidbits of lore that people go wild for.

According to McDonald, “Bluepoint Games added a number of new items to the Demon’s Souls Remake that still remain undiscovered.” However, McDonald isn’t currently clear on how you can obtain these items.

Previously, McDonald has uncovered a variety of secrets about a number of games. He was the one that found a special set of inputs in Nier Automata that brings up the credits incredibly early. But in a followup tweet, he said that he only knows that the Demon’s Souls items exist, but not how to get them.

“If we ever get a PlayStation 5 jailbreak maybe I’ll be able to figure it out, but for now all I know is there’s 4 undiscovered items, and what they’re called.” McDonald hasn’t clarified what the items are called or what they might be. But Souls fans are sure to approach these secrets with fervour. 

This isn’t the first time Bluepoint Games have added new content to a remake. Its Shadow of the Colossus remake added in 79 coins as a collectible. And collecting all of them resulted in a special reward if you managed to achieve the feat. For now though, we’ll just have to wait to find out what these Demon’s Souls items are.

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Featured Image Credit: Bluepoint Games