Dentist Rates 30 Game Of Thrones Characters On Their Smiles

When you think “Game of Thrones” you might not think about dental hygiene, but let’s face it – the cast of the HBO show have seriously nice gnashers considering they live in an era that doesn’t even have plumbing.

Dr. Sonal Bhoot, founder of Lee’s Summit-based dental practice Dental Expressions, and GoT fan has analysed the smiles of 30 major characters from the show and rated them, because why not.

Credit: HBO

The rating categories include: smooth tooth, shape & alignment, colour & brightness, edges of the upper teeth and gums.

Each character is rated out of five for their pearly whites (or not-so-whites), but a winning smile isn’t guaranteed to win the Iron Throne.

The results are pretty surprising. Check them out in the infographic below (thanks, Dental Expressions!)

As you can see, Queen Daenerys (First of Her Name) and Missandei both share the number one spot, with Sansa Stark a close second.

Lord Varys the Spider, Bronn and the Night King score the lowest of the gang. For the last one it’s not too surprising really. It’s pretty hard to imagine that the Night King, the biggest evil of all time that’s about to destroy Westeros, flosses after every meal.

However, it’s nice to see that the stereotype of the British having bad teeth is being knocked on its head thanks to the hit HBO series.

Credit: HBO

Game of Thrones has officially reached the beginning of the end, with the first episode of its final season airing last week.

Right now, all bets are off as to who’s going to take the Iron Throne – or if there’s actually going to be an Iron Throne to take.

If it’s not Dany, at least she’s got her 5/5 smile to rely on…

Game of Thrones continues, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on HBO until its series finale on May 19.

Featured Image Credit: HBO