Despite E3 No-Show Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Still in Development

During the Square Enix E3 Press Briefing, it was widely assumed that we’ll finally get to see more of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, especially as the game was revealed three years ago at E3 2015. Sadly however, even though we got plenty of gameplay and a release date for Square Enix’s other big-hitter, Kingdom Hearts 3, the Final Fantasy 7 remake was a nowhere to be seen at the world’s biggest gaming convention.

During those three years, many fans had started to get worried that the game might be entering developmental hell and the no show at E3 2018 just added to those concerns. Thankfully however, we do have some light at the end of the tunnel as the director of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that the game is still well into development.

When speaking to IGN, Nomura was asked about the progress of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Nomura eased concerns to fans by saying “ It’s not just in the early concept stages,” Nomura added “We are actually in development” of the game right now.

Again while speaking to IGN, Nomura revealed that he is switching between roles working on Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy 7 remake stating “So right now, I’ve been putting 100% into Kingdom Hearts and 100% into Final Fantasy 7 and 100% into Kingdom Hearts, and going back and forth.” It seems that Nomura-san is a very busy man indeed, but I have no doubts he will deliver.

So there you have it, while we never got to see any new gameplay on the Final Fantasy 7 remake at E3 2018, at least we have an updated on its development. If only now we had a release date. When do you believe the Final Fantasy 7 remake will release? 2019 or perhaps it will get pushed back as a next-gen title? Let us know across our social media channels.