Despite The High Price Tag, NBA 2K21 Still Has Unskippable In-Game Ads

It has been revealed that for a good six weeks (at the time of writing), 2K Games and Visual Concepts have had unskippable ads placed into NBA 2K21 – and fans aren’t happy.

Microtransactions and ads in games are unfortunately nothing new, we’ve seen it a lot over the years and in my humble opinion, if done right, DLC/expansions have a place in video games, especially if they add extra life and value to a game you already love. 

Credit: 2K Games/YouTube

However, microtransactions and DLC/expansions can be seen very differently. Microtransactions are often used to heavily monetise a game, so much so that it can make progression feel like a drag, and as a result, can “manipulate” the player into spending more real-world money. 

But that’s a conversation we’ve had countless times and the topic of the day is unskippable ads in full-price games, which is a different beast entirely.

Credit: EA

A few weeks ago, Electronic Arts came under fire for implementing unskippable ads into UFC 4, reportedly doing so AFTER reviews were published so that reviewers wouldn’t be able to talk about the forced-upon ads. 

Fans were rightly angry at this alleged tactic by EA and before we knew it, the publisher quickly removed the unskippable ads from the game and apologised.

However, as noted by Stevivor, the unskippable ads are back and this time it’s not EA that is the culprit, but instead 2K Games and developer Visual Concepts’ NBA 2K21. 

Credit: 2K Games

Gamers are particularly upset with the news considering the price tag of NBA 2K21. Retailing for the next-gen price of £70-plus, it’s argued that unskippable ads should have no place in full-priced premium games at all. 

Unskippable ads are something that we see a lot in “Freemium” mobile games and while they’re annoying, it’s in a “free” game and money has to be made, which is not the case for video games that can cost you anything from around £50-£60 and upwards, just for the base game.

Credit: 2K Games

It is reported that you can turn these unskippable ads off somewhere in the settings under “Watch 2KTV While Loading” feature, but the fact that these ads are pushed on you by default, is where much of the problem lies.  It’s hard to imagine there are going to be many gamers who don’t mind unskippable ads in full-priced games, and I for one am definitely against it!

I know it’s a very diverse subject, but we’d love to hear where you stand on the topic of unskippable ads in premium games across our social media channels!

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Featured Image Credit: 2K Games/YouTube