Destiny 2 adds new accessibility options

Bungie have announced they are adding more accessibility options to Destiny 2 including a mode that targets colour blindness. 

With the newest Destiny 2 Season titled ‘Season of the Deep’ arriving on May 23, players will now have the ability to adjust a number of accessibility options. The changes were listed in a blog post released this week from the company.

Destiny 2 Adds Accessibility Options

One new feature will allow players to change the Enemy Targeted Reticle Colour that appears when aiming at enemies. Additionally, there will be additional subtitle options allowing the colour to be changed making them easier to read.

Colour options will also be available for the new Commendation system allowing players to be able to see rewards clearly. 

Last but not least, players will be able to activate Full Auto Melee which prevents you having to repeatedly tap to melee and instead give the option to hold the button down.

Accessibility is important to Bungie

In their blog post, Bungie spoke about the importance of adding accessibility options to Destiny 2 despite it being somewhat of a new conversation.

“More and more studios are working toward a common goal: making games that people can enjoy.” The post states. “That includes all people with all sorts of accommodation needs. While the work toward a more accessible game takes time, patience, and a keen understanding of different player types, the important thing is that the work continues.

Screenshot showing the new accessibility features available for Destiny 2 players
Credit: Bungie

“Guided by one of our internal initiatives, Accessibility @ Bungie, the Destiny 2 team has been hard at work developing new features designed to keep accessibility at the forefront for all Guardians.”

The post ends by saying, “Gaming is for everyone and, while making a live game more accessible is an ongoing challenge that can take a great deal of time, we are completely committed to ensuring that Destiny 2 is a place where every Guardian feels welcome.”

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