Destiny 2 Season of the Deep – What We Know

With Destiny 2 welcoming Season of the Deep this month, Bungie have announced what changes we can expect to see.

The most recent This Week At Bungie (TWAB) news centered around the upcoming Season of the Deep that is set to launch on May 23. More specifically, it shared news about what we can expect from the Strand subclass as well as major economy overhauls. 

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep – Strand Aspects

Season 21 of Destiny 2 titled ‘Season of the Deep’ will be the first season after the recent Lightfall expansion. It is set to continue the story of the Witness as well as introduce some new aspects for the Strand subclass. 

The update will bring three new aspects for Strand. The first is the Threaded Specter aspect for Hunters. This will allow them to create Strand decoys that detonate before releasing Threadlings. 

The Strand subclass available in Destiny 2
Credit: Bungie

Titans will receive the Flechette Storm which will give them the ability to leap into the air before knocking down targets. This Aspect will then launch a series of damaging, unravelling projectiles. This can then be repeated and charged in order to create additional throws.

Finally, the Warlock class gets the Wanderer Aspect which allows the space wizards to use Tangles that attach to enemies before detonating. Additionally, final blows by your Threadlings will create further Tangles. 

Further changes 

Bungie have confirmed that for the first time, Season 21 will not increase power bands. 

“Power Floor (1600), Soft Cap (1750), Powerful Cap (1800), and Pinnacle Caps (1810) will not change over the course of Season 21,” TWAB reads.

As a result, if you hit the Pinnacle Cap during Season 20, you will remain at the cap for Season 21. This however does mean that Pinnacle Legendary rewards have dropped significantly. 

Credit: Bungie

There will also be changes to exotic armour focusing and decryption. The update will have your Exotic loot “roll consistently higher stats, and with more frequent individual stat spikes starting in Season 21.” Additionally, the average stats will be in the mid-60s. 

Make sure to check out the TWAB post to learn more about the upcoming Season of the Deep.

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