Destiny Players Pay Tribute To Lance Reddick in Guardian Games

The annual Guardian Games are currently taking place in Destiny 2 and it sees fans using it as a way to pay tribute to the late Lance Reddick.

The Guardian Games is an annual event in Destiny 2 that sees the game’s three classes go head to head. Hunter, Titan and Warlock players compete to earn medallions by completing activities and objectives. The medallions are then added to the class podiums found in the Tower. At the end of the event, one class will come out on top.

Destiny 2 Players Pay Tribute To Lance Reddick

On March 17, the world was rocked by the untimely death of actor Lance Reddick. This was felt especially within the Destiny community as Reddick had been the voice of Vanguard Leader Zavala. 

As a result, players are using the Guardian Games as an opportunity to come together to honour the Titan Leader.

This news comes courtesy of a Reddit post on the official Destiny 2 subreddit. The post in question received 4.7k upvotes and was titled It is time for Guardian Games Titans!#Win it for Lance!!”

Make Lance Proud

With many players wanting Titans to win the Guardian Games for Reddick, it is not the first time the actor has been mourned in-game. This was first seen when vigils were held in the Tower once the news of Reddick’s death had been announced. It saw hundreds of players crowd around Zavala which resulted in the tribute taking over social media. 

The talented Destiny artist Gabriel Flauzino also took to Twitter to share their Titan inspired art. “Warlock main here, but… Let’s do it. Let’s make Lance proud, Titans.”

As at the time of writing this, Titans are currently in 1st place.

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