Xbox Head Is ‘Disappointed’ With Redfall Reception

Today saw Xbox Head Phil Spencer admit that he is ‘disappointed’ with Redfall but is committed to improving it for fans.

With Redfall launching this week to a less than positive reception, Spencer has appeared on Kinda Funny Games to address his thoughts on the situation. This comes after the vampire-slashing shooter is sitting on a ‘mostly negative’ rating on Steam amidst reports of crashes, bugs and an overall lacklustre story. 

Xbox Head Is ‘Disappointed’ With Redfall Reception

“There’s nothing more difficult for me than disappointing the Xbox community,” Spencer laments. “I’m disappointed, I’m upset with myself.” 

The Xbox head goes on to address the performance issues which were raised when it was announced Redfall would only launch at 30FPS. This comes despite it originally being promised to be 60FPS. He says this was a “punch in the chin” but one that was “rightfully” deserved as a result of going back on their word. 

“The critical response was not what we wanted,” Spencer continued. However, he is determined that this will not stop developers from aspiring to make the games they wish to make. As a result, Spencer is not willing to abandon the game just yet.

“We’re gonna continue to work the game. We’ve shown a commitment to games like Sea of Thieves, and Grounded, to continue to go and build games. But I also know these games are $70, and I’m gonna take full responsibility for launching a game that needs to be great,” Spencer confirms.

Screenshot of a gameplay bug from Redfall
Redfall features a lot of bugs. (Credit: Pure Xbox)

A Redfail 

As it stands, Redfall is continuing to receive negative reviews from both critics and players. As a result, Arkane’s latest FPS is nowhere to be seen in the Steam Top Sellers. 

With players calling it “unfinished,” “a failure” and not even worth playing for free, it is going to need a lot of work to meet people’s expectations. Luckily, Spencer and Arkane are dedicated to putting in the work.

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