Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Albion Guide

Albion is the Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed answer to the UK, and we’ve got the next hints and tips on each level to get through with “The Package” intact:

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No Pox, Please — We’re British

Start the mission by talking to Pox without a disguise next to the landing zone in the construction site. Your mission is to find the Soviet spymaster Agent Orancov and his underground secret base. 

From here start scanning nearby humans’ minds for hints and follow the radar as necessary. Next, use Free Love and the Zapomatic to chain hit KGB agents in the vacant lot. Once underground there’s no hiding, so use PK and the Disintegration Gun to take care of KGB agents. Don’t forget to Transmog items lying around for ammo.

The boss fight is quite a simple one. Keep Crypto in the air as much as possible, lock on and use the Disintegration Gun to get the first encounter done. From there, continue using Transmog to replenish ammo and churn through KGB. For the second encounter, simply Anal Probe Agent Orancov after finding the Datacore and destroy him with the Disintegration Gun.

Finally, escort Mr Englishman (Reginold Ponsonby Smythe) to safety using the Disintegration GUn and PK on explosive barrels.

La Femme Natalya

Undisguised once again, go and find Ponsonby in Canal Side. Once the mission has started, snatch a human and follow the radar. Use the Follow command to sneak VIPs out of the event and into the safe area marked off.  

When the infected humans break out, smash out the anal probe to disinfect them and disintegrate the spore clouds. Players will then need to go through the motions and more or less do the same task again, stay on target!

From Russia With Guns

The next mission is a protection mission for Natalya as she hunts down a rogue KGB agent, Sergei. Whilst grabbing a disguise is advised, players can plough through disintegrating and PKing as they go. Once players get to the flying saucer segment, make sure to lift and dump enemy vehicles and use the Drain ability to keep shields topped up.

The Majestic File

Navigate to the yellow Hexagon on the radar to find Ponsonby and kick-start this mission. It might be a good idea to upgrade the Meteor Strike updates for later too. The first part of the mission cuts all use of weapons and the Transmog ability. So making good use of abilities like Free Love and PK is going to come in super handy.

PK the barrel out of the tunnel exit then try to Body Snatch a cop and use a police box to lower the alert level. Pox will then fix Cryptos weapons ahead of the boss fight with Ponsonby.

The best strategy for Ponsonby is to get out of the way and into a grassy area ASAP. From here, use Mind Flash to stun his allies then use the Meteor Strike ability to deal massive damage. If you didn’t decide to upgrade Meteor Strike beforehand, use Transmog on nearby tanks to recharge.

Find Natalya standing at the edge of Hyde Park. Get into the Flying Saucer and take out the Soviet Embassy security camera as marked on the radar. If needed, use the Drain ability to recharge its shields.

After this, it’s a case of using the death ray on the targets Natalya asks players to hit. Nice and simple!

You’ll then be interrogated by a certain traitor in Crypto’s midst, players will need to extract brains and PK their way through the underground to return to the surface of Albion. Again, it’s quite straightforward and we would recommend body snatching a KGB operative for this.

Taking down Ponsonby is easy enough. Make sure to either Mind Flash or Free Love his fellow M.I.6 agents and pound him with the Disintegration Gun.

On Natalya’s Secret Service

The objective of this mission is to help Natalya sneak into the Russian Embassy. It’s fairly straightforward, try to use disguises when possible and rely on Free Love, Mind Flash and the Disintergrade Ray to get the various jobs done. Players will also find the Datacore for Meteor Strike, a devastating ability.

Use the Meteor Strike ability to destroy the Russian Embassy. Plenty of ammo can be found at the front of the Embassy. Players can also transmog crates and more to find ammo.

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