Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Landing Zones

Unlocking all of the Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed landing zones certainly come in handy, especially when exploring and creating various Gene Splices. These can then be used to upgrade various abilities that make Cryptos’ life a damn sight easier.

The issue is finding them all and finding out what needs to be done in order to start using them. Don’t worry, we’ve listed every landing zone for Cryptos flying saucer below. Just bear in mind that if these landing zones can’t be accessed yet, it’s because story missions will need to be completed first.

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Bay City

  • The Wharf N: Destroy 10 humans
  • Coit Tower E: Automatically activates after defeating Bongwater
  • Coit Tower: Bring 3 humans
  • Ginsberg Heights: Complete the first Arkvoodle Cult mission (alert level orange)
  • Hashbury: Zap-O-Matic
  • Golden Gate Park: Destroy nearby signs
  • Old Fort: Bring 3 women
  • The Rock: Disintegrator Ray


  • Canal Side: Open
  • Soho: Destroy 3 vehicles
  • Soho / Trafalgar: Open
  • Trafalgar: Anal Probe 3 people
  • Parliament: Open
  • Hyde Park SW: Kill 6 hipsters
  • Hyde Park NE: Open
  • Soviet Embassy E: Destroy trash


  • Zen Temple NE: Bring 1 White Ninja
  • Zen Temple: Complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission
  • Zen Temple SW: Open
  • Mt. Seyuki: Open
  • Castle Kuro: Zap-O-Matic
  • Castle Kuro NW: Destroy the lighthouse
  • Takoshima City SE: Open
  • Shinobi Island: Anal Probe


  • Science Town N: Open
  • Kikhbakskiy: Open
  • Patryukha: Open
  • Blisk Base (Strange Base): Disintegrator Ray
  • KGB Base: Bring 1 KGB Agent
  • Safe House: Open
  • Science Town W: Destroy the Soviet statue in the square to the SE
  • Tarkovskoye: Destroy crates
  • Frozen Lake: Destroy barrels


  • Solar Array: Open
  • Radar Array (Radar Dome): Destroy rock drills
  • Comms Zone E: Destroy spore pods
  • Comms Zone S: Ion Detonator
  • Blisk Base S: Disintegrator Ray
  • Cosmonaut Base: Destroy soldiers
  • Mining Site: Zap-O-Matic
  • Blisk Base Ruins: Disintegrator Ray

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