Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Alien Artifact Locations

Finding all of the Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Alien Artifact Locations is key to unlocking B-Movies. They can also be quite tough to find in the sandbox cities of the game. Rather than leaving our readers to scour the maps of Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed, we’ve compiled a list of every Alien Artifact location.

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All Alien Artifact Locations

If these Alien Artifact locations aren’t immediately clear, it’ll be because the main story mission for that area isn’t complete yet. The best time to hunt for Alien Artifacts is when the main storyline missions have been completed. Here are all of their locations:

Bay City

  • Behind the wall at the bottom of the hill in NE Hashbury
  • Behind the stage in Golden Gate Park
  • NE corner of Golden Gate Park by the hedges and phone booth
  • E side of the road N of Old Fort tunnel
  • SW corner of The Rock
  • By a tree N of the warehouses near The Wharf N landing zone
  • Hilltop overlooking The Wharf N landing zone
  • W side of Coit Tower
  • Top of step-shaped building N of Ginsberg Heights / Coit Tower tunnel
  • Downhill from the wall in SW Hashbury


  • Under the W footbridge in Canal Side
  • W end of the thin alley on the small block in S Canal Side
  • On the N walkway of the Soho bridge
  • In a telephone box in S Soho
  • On the top of the Trafalgar obelisk base
  • By the NW entrance to the underground tunnels
  • By the sandbags W of the Soviet Embassy
  • On the fountain at the centre of Hyde Park
  • In the underground tunnels in an alcove near the radiation leaks
  • Power plant E of the Soviet Embassy


  • On the porch of the house by the turn in the paved road leading to the Zen Temple
  • On top of a rock by the landing zone between Sashimi Village and the Zen Temple
  • By the E edge of the SW building in the Zen Temple compound
  • Middle of the base inside the volcano. Available during Mission 15
  • On the large rock E of the bridge on Shinobi Island
  • On top of the SW tower on the grounds of Castle Kuro
  • An in-house compound near Gouka Road N of bay and W of paved road’s S bend
  • On the NE tower in the military camp NE of Gouka Road
  • By a house in N Sashimi Village E of the dirt road
  • On the E tower of the first security gate going up Mt. Seiyuki


  • N of the bridge across the pond S of Tarkovskoye
  • By the rocks at the N end of the pond S of Tarkovskoye
  • Behind a house E of the Tarkovskoye hairpin
  • In a grove of trees, W of the ship docked at Frozen Lake
  • On a small island E of the ship docked at Frozen Lake
  • On the E edge of the map behind houses E of the road
  • On the roof of the apartment building SE of the cooling tower in Science Town
  • By a house W of the road overlooking Kikhbakskiy
  • On a pipeline S of Science Town E of the road to KGB Base
  • On a hill in the hairpin turn in the road in W Patryukha


  • Behind some rocks and pods N of the NE small dome in Cosmonaut Base
  • Atop the large dome in Cosmonaut Base
  • On NE structure with solar panels inside SE small dome in Cosmonaut Base
  • Inside the igloo attached to the NW small dome in Cosmonaut Base
  • On the hillside between Radar Array and Comms Zone overlooking Cosmonaut Base
  • On the bridge in S Blisk Base
  • On the platform between two bridges in S Blisk Base (N of #A)
  • Underground in the W spur of Mining Site
  • Inside the igloo N of Mining Site
  • On the hillside E of the E entrance to Mining Site

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