Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Item Unlocks

There are three Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed item unlocks in-game, and it’s quite easy to attain them providing players play through the Arkvoodle Cult missions. Here are what can be unlocked and the criteria for doing so:

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Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Item Unlocks

Alien Artifact Detector: Complete the last Arkvoodle Cult mission in Albion

Burrow Beast: Complete all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions

Furotech Cell Detector: Complete all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions

The Alien Artifact Detector helps players find the collectables in each city by pointing them out on the radar. Handy, right? The Burrow Beast is arguably the strongest weapon in the game, sending giant alien worms to destroy anything in their paths. Finally, the Furotech Cell Detector allows players to keep an eye on when a cell is near, making collecting and using them for upgrades that little bit easier.

Looking for a complete list of Arkvoodle missions too? Don’t worry, we’ve got our readers covered below also. We’ve also created a full missions list including Story, Arkvoodle Cult and other side missions, so make sure to check that one out too. Completing all missions also grants players some cool extras, but we won’t spoil that for you.

Arkvoodle Cult Missions

Bay City

  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Establishing Shots
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Flip the Flyppies
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Freakin’ Art
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Publicity Stunt
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Shama Llama Slips Up
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Who Is Arkvoodle?
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Yapping Bully


  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Alien Overlords: The Reality
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Con Mods
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Freaky Flyers
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Like a Drowned Mole?
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Revelations


  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Fooling the Black Ninja
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Half-Wits Are Better Than None
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: Takoshima Rumble
  • Cult of Arkvoodle: The Coming of Arkvoodle

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