Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Bay City Guide

We’re not about to start telling our readers what to do with Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed, but it always helps to have a few handy hints here and there. We’ve got everyone covered with these simple-to-follow tips and guides for each main story level for Bay City below:

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Furon Loathing in Bay City

This mission serves as an introduction to the mechanics of Destroy All Humans 2! – Reprobed such as Psychokinesis (PK) and grabbing a couple of data cores for Cryptos jetpack and more. It’s a simple one, with KGB enemies hitting Crypto in waves of two or three. Just keep an eye on the radar for enemies and follow the instructions. When a yellow marker appears on the radar, just head straight for it and ignore the KGB agents. They will just keep on spawning otherwise.

Where Have All the Flower Children Gone?

This mission is given from Pox automatically in the parking lot in Hashbury and starts with unlocking the Body Snatching ability. Don’t leave the conversation otherwise, the mission won’t start. This will be followed by unlocking the Free Love ability and Scan Abilities. Again this mission is very straightforward, just keep following the blips on the radar. Whilst body snatching a cop, make sure to navigate to a blue phone box to call in an all-clear to remove any alert levels.

They Shoot Hippies, Don’t They?

Given by The Freak in Hashbury down the road from the parking lot. Players must be disguised as a hippie to get this mission. Simply follow the blips on the radar to find the flying saucer repair pods.

The five pods are guarded. Rather than taking on the cops and army directly, simply Body Snatch one, use the Free Love ability to distract them and take the parts. From here players will need to operate their flying saucer and complete a handful of other objectives. These are easy to find and complete thanks to the trusty radar blips.

The Alien Who Probed Me

Once again using the Hippie disguise, find The Freak chilling out behind a building near Golden Gate Park. This mission requires scanning humans, starting with Prudence Kane leading players to the park.

After a quick narrative choice bout with Bongwater things quickly escalate to destroying Revelade trucks guarded by KGB agents. PK explosive barrel into them to deal with them quickly. 

After this is done, continue to Mind Scan hippies until the Bongwater lair is revealed. Players will be greeted with the Coyote Bongwater boss fight. His ability obscures a player’s vision alongside damaging their shield. The best strategy here is to keep locked on him whilst using the Zap-O-Matic to chain damage Bongwater and his allies. Due to hallucinating, he needs to be taken out three times.

Who Is Arkvoodle?

After accepting the mission from Pox in the gardens, follow the radar marker to unlock the Landing Zone. The rest of the mission is simple, cause enough havoc to warrant an orange alert level. Just start PKing people and cops into the air for some quick results.

The Guns of Alcatraz

To get to the Rock for that all-important intelligence for Pox, players can simply Jetpack and boost over the water to get to the Wharf. From here, cut straight through the KGB agents to get to the one holding case files and who is also marked on the radar.

Another strategy is to use the PK “In” command to pull him to a quieter spot as players move back and out of danger. Then kill him and grab the dossier. Next, unlock the marked-off landing area by shooting the idol repeatedly with the Disintegrator Ray.

The next task is to hop into the Saucer and get rid of the nuclear bomb cars driving around Bay City. Simply abduct them and drop them in the water. Finally, finish the KGB hideout off by spraying the Death Ray onto its four main buildings.

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