Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Datacore Locations

Knowing all of the Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Datacore Locations comes in handy when looking for new weapons, Furon tech and more. They are more or less the storage devices of choice for the martians and hold valuable and useful information. Some contain downloaded versions of long dead martians.

Imagine our solid state storage and flash drives, but they look hand made, ornate and frankly look super cool.

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Data Core Locations

A couplefo hints before looking for all the Data Cores in-game. Players automatically start out with Crypto’s shields, a jetpack and the Zap-O-Matic gun. There’s also an unlisted Data Core, Gastros Music Data Core, that doesn’t count towards the total. This can be found during the “Cult of Arkvoodle: Con mods” mission in Albion.

Bay City

  • Disintegrator Ray: In the underground alcove after defeating Bongwater
  • Dislocator: On a rooftop W of the Hashbury landing zone
  • Saucer Repair: SW Ginsberg Heights near the water
  • Saucer Repair: N Ginsberg Heights near the bay
  • Saucer Repair: NW corner of the 4-way intersection in Ginsberg Heights
  • Saucer Repair: SE corner of the 4-way intersection in Ginsberg Heights
  • Saucer Repair: On the hill over the Ginsberg Heights/Coit Tower tunnel


  • Anal Probe: In the underground tunnels beneath SE Hyde Park
  • Anti-Gravity Field: On the N arch of Hyde Park
  • Meteor Strike: SE Canal Side after “From Russia With Guns”


  • Burrow Beast: Zen Temple after all of the ArkvoodlCult missions
  • Gastro : In the ruins of Castle Kuro after “Dr.Go!”
  • Ion Detonator: In the white Ninja compound after “Revenge of the Ninja”
  • Sonic Boom: N of Gouka Road and SE of Takoshima City


  • Anti-Blisk Upgrades: In a metal crate by the cooling tower during “The Comrade Who Came in from the Cold”
  • Quantum Deconstructor: In the hairpin turn in Tarkovskoye W

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