Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Solaris Guide

The final area in Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed sees Crypto take on the Soviet Union and the Blisk on a moon base named Solaris. It’s divided into both the cosmonaut and Blisk territories, so let’s get into some tips and hints for the last six missions of the game:

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1969: A Space Odyssey

Find Natalya south of the landing zone on Solaris to start the mission. Then, go through the motions of the opening of this mission, and feel free to drop a meteor on the middle miner vehicle to destroy all three at once.

Take out the seven miners by body snatching a human disguise and PKing explosive crates into them. If any cosmonauts become suspicious, just use Free Love to distract them with the funky need to dance. Once the miners have been killed, three trucks will need to be destroyed. Dropping Meteors on them should insta-kill all three.

Russian Roulette

The giver for this mission is Pox, located south of the Cosmonaut Base. Body snatch a cosmonaut and follow the marks on the radar system, then see the mission out. There’s not much of a challenge in this mission, so make sure to clear Furotech and Alien Artifacts before leaving the dome.

Space: 1969

Pick this mission up from Pox near the Radar Array, then blow up the solar power receivers for the door blocking Crypto’s path in the Flying Saucer. Next, aim the radar dishes towards the centre of the room.

Destination Moon

Pick this mission up from Pox near the comms array. Players will need to turn on the terminals and stop the scientists on foot this time. Use Mind Flash to stun the scientists to make this task super-easy.

The second half of the mission can be completed easily enough by using a maxed-out Gastron to wipe humans and tanks out. Make sure to Transmog vehicles to rebuild Gastro ammo while you’re at it.

Dark Side of the Moon

After picking the mission up from Natalya near the Blisk base, players will notice this is quite a linear mission. The main things to remember in this level, is to use the anal probe for infected humans and then use Gastro alongside the Disintegration Ray for Big Blisks and crowds.


This final boss fight is again best overcome by using a maxed-out Gastro alongside the Disintegration Ray. Milenkovs armour heals him as he takes damage, so providing a distraction that causes damage whilst using a weapon with a steady rate of fire is the way to go, soon seeing players through to the end credits.

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