Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Tunguska Guide

Tunguska is the fictional Russian city in Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed. This is where the game kicks up a notch, so let’s go over the hints and tips you’ll need to get these main story missions completed:

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Back In the USSR

Grab this mission from Natalya in Northern Science Town. Kick things off by using Meteor Strike on absolutely anything to fill up the destruction metre. Next, players will need to fly over to the KGB Base and then use the jetpack to get inside the base. 

From here, escort Natalya and use Transmog on nearby objects to keep ammo up, clearing soldiers when needed.

The Siberian Job

Like “Back in the USSR”, grab this mission from Natalya in Science Town. Start off by scanning local humans for the information needed to get the relevant marker on radar, then use the Abductobeam to bring the fuel rod containers to their destinations in the blue circles.

Next, use Meteor Strike to clear the road, just try and avoid blowing things up next to Sergei’s truck. The main thing to remember is to use Free Love and Mind Flash to take out soldiers quickly and maintain the truck’s health metres.

A Deadly Reaction

Natalya gives out this mission in Patryukha and revolves around putting the fuel rods in the various generators, three in total down long tunnels. Pick the rods up using PK and make sure to take care due to their fragile nature.

The Blisk will eventually show up, and standard weapons will work. However, using a good dose of Meteors gets the job done quicker. Transmogging the alien pods will charge meteor ammo up nicely too.

The Comrade Who Came In From the Cold

After grabbing this mission from Agent Sergei at the KGB base, use Cortex Scan to find the location of Dr Orlov. This should take players to Frozen Lake before they use Cortex Scan again to lead them to the northwest of Frozen Lake.

Once the cabin has been found, it’s a case of protecting said cabin, taking out KGB, and finding the metal box with the DataCore inside. Players will find this by the back of the tower, which can also be PK’d.

A Hard Day’s Fight

Pox gives out this mission in the forest near Blisk Base. For the small Blisk, use the anal probe to disinfect the hijacked humans, and use the Zap-O-Matic on the large ones. Gastro is also a great way to deal with larger groups if fully upgraded, which is complemented by meteor strikes.

The first crystal is on top of the tall spires at the centre of Blisk base. The second crystal is in the southeast of the Blisk base which can be reached by jumping off the spire and going inside the structure there. The third crystal is being held by a Blisk warrior in the same general area.

Just follow the narrative instructions by Pox to go blow up the Warship by hitting the thruster portion. No other part of the warship will take damage.

The Good, the Bad, and the Furon

After getting this mission from Pox in Science Town, scan and go to the location, then scan again to find the main area for this mission in the flying saucer. Approaching the next radar mark needs to be on foot. Make sure to blow up the laser towers before continuing to the area to help out later on. However, the saucer guns have a slightly longer range than the towers do!

Next, make sure to blow up any of the tubes marked in pink alongside the scientists trying to fix them. Players then need to clear the landing area and rescue Natalya via the flying saucer, and destroy the three marked pumps followed by the scientists once again.

This guide was written by GameByte as a paid partnership between Social Chain Media and THQ Nordic