Diablo 4 Expansions Will Be Released Annually, Confirms Blizzard

Diablo 4 general manager Rod Fergusson has confirmed the ARPG has a lot more content to give with plans for one expansion per year. 

Since its release in June, the latest instalment in the Diablo series has already welcomed its first season, multiple speedrun attempts and even challenges to see your name get added to a real life Lilith statue. 

Now talk has turned to what we can expect for the future of the game. 

Diablo 4 Will Get Annual Expansions

In an interview with Dexerto, Fergusson confirmed that the team at Blizzard was working on “building a foundation” for the game.

This includes releasing multiple new expansions but spread across a period of a few years. 

“So, as we look at our quarterly seasons, and we look at our annual expansions, those are the things that we’re really focused on for our live service,” Fergusson said. “We’ve got plans, we have storylines that go well into the future. 

We’ve got plans. We’re always leapfrogging our seasons, and leapfrogging our expansions, so it’s something we are going to do for a long time. We’re excited.” 

Looking To The Future

This news comes after Fergusson previously revealed that two expansions were already in the works for Diablo 4. Although it is yet unclear what these expansions will center around, the previous Diablo game featured new playable classes, an increased level cap and brand-new locations. 

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Until then, players can look forward to the game’s second season. Titled ‘Season of Blood’, it will feature all-new vampiric powers as well as much-welcomed quality of life updates. 

We will be sure to update you when the new season receives a release date.

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