Diablo 4 developer says there’s plenty of more to come for full launch

After the recent success of the Diablo 4 beta, the game’s director has spoken up about the future of the game when it releases in June.

Now that both the closed and open beta for Diablo 4 are over, fans are looking ahead to the game’s full release on June 6. After experiencing quite a bit of content in the betas, associate game director Joseph Piepiora says there’s a lot more to come.

Diablo 4 Legendary Powers

Piepiora took to Twitter on March 28 to speak about the highly-anticipated Diablo 4. “I don’t think folks realize how many more legendary powers exist beyond what was on display during the Diablo 4 beta,” Piepiora posted. This confirms that fans saw less than half of the legendary powers that will be available for full launch.

When asked to go into more detail by another Twitter user, the developer revealed that Diablo 4’s Codex of Power will have “plenty more legendary powers” that will be discovered “later in the game experience.” However, this is all that has been revealed. We will just have to wait to discover what other powers will be available. 

More to come

With a mixture of reviews about the aforementioned beta with some fans feeling some aspects were monotonous whilst others already see it as GOTY, Piepiora promises a lot more.

“There is a lot of bizarre, exciting and totally balanced legendaries to discover when the game goes live in June!”

This news also follows the revelation that the map we saw during the beta was just a very small part of the final Diablo 4 world. Despite the beta showing us a vast area of exploration, including wilderness, dungeons and multiple towns, the end map is staggering. 

All this shows that for those who loved the beta, you can expect to be blown away when the game releases fully on June 6.

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