Minecraft is getting a Dungeons and Dragons crossover DLC

Everybody’s favourite block-building game, Minecraft is getting a Dungeons and Dragons crossover with an upcoming DLC. Here’s what we know.

The infamous tabletop phenomenon Dungeons and Dragons will be making an appearance in Minecraft this Spring. Rights holder Wizards of the Coast and developer Mojang announced the crossover in a recent D&D Direct. 

What we know about the DLC

As mentioned, the DLC will be arriving this Spring and will feature a familiar cast of characters to those familiar with D&D. In typical Minecraft style, your barbarian/witch and more will arrive in a blocky fashion alongside recreations of Forgotten Realm locations such as Candlekeep and Icewind Dale. 

Screenshot from the block-building game, Minecraft that is set to collaborate with Dungeons and Dragons in an upcoming DLC
Credit: The Guardian

Additionally, the developers have announced the DLC will have around 10 hours of content. 

“This new, original adventure allows players to customise their characters’ stats and roll 20-sided dice to determine how to proceed in fully-voiced dialogue,” reads the press release. “Play with friends and get a unique D&D experience in the world of Minecraft.”

Minecraft is also coming to D&D

Interestingly, the crossover will be heading in both directions with plans for Minecraft to rear its head in Dungeons & Dragons. Coast and Mojang announced that well-known characters such as the Creeper, Enderman and Ender Dragon will make an appearance in D&D. 

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These will be available through the Wizards of the Coast D&D Beyond digital hub under the title ‘Monstrous Compendium Volume 3.’ 

This is also the perfect timing for this news considering the movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is currently in cinemas. The movie based on the franchise is receiving decent reviews based on its tongue-in-cheek approach.

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Minecraft’s Dungeon & Dragons DLC will be heading to all platforms later this Spring.

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