Diablo 4’s Name Might Have Just Been Leaked…By Blizzard

Blizzard is gearing up (literally) for BlizzCon 2018, and even though we’re still a month away, the BlizzCon store is officially stocked up with new merch for the event.

Twitter’s Nibel spotted something pretty interesting on the site though, leading to speculation on whether or not one specific item up for sale has actually given away the name of the highly-anticipated fourth addition to the Diablo series…

A poster up for sale on the official Blizzard site is named “Diablo Reign Of Terror Poster,” and it’s gotten fans pretty hyped.

Some eagle-eyed Diablo fans have been quick to point out that “Reign of Terror” is actually an unlockable achievement in the third instalment of the series, so maybe this isn’t a tease for Diablo 4 after all.

Others have been wondering whether this is even related to a game at all, as it could instead have links to the upcoming Diablo Netflix series. It could even just be a Diablo HD remake or remaster. It’s all up in the air for now.

I guess we’ll have to wait until BlizzCon for more details.

If you’re unfamiliar with Blizzard’s annual convention, it’s essentially a celebration of “Blizzard Entertainment’s games, esports, and the communities that bring them to life.”

2018 marks the 12th BlizzCon, and its opening week starts 25th October and will run until 29th October. This opening few days is its now-traditional esports tournaments, with the main event – and hopefully some Diablo news! – starting Friday 2nd November.

Check out all the convention details right here.

Are you excited for BlizzCon, and do you think we’ll be getting a Diablo 4 announcement?