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Dinosaur Survival Horror Game, Deathground, Takes Kickstarter By Storm

If you’re still hankering for a Dino Crisis remake then you might want to listen up, because new Kickstarter game, Deathground, might be able to fill that void. Deathground promises to once again bring dinosaurs and survival horror together, though this time with a bunch of new features.

Credit: Jaw Drop Games

Deathground is a “co-op, online multiplayer, survival horror game that throws players into a desperate battle for survival against deadly AI dinosaurs.” The game is a first for UK studio, Jaw Drop Games, but from what we’re seeing here this is definitely looking like one to watch!

We’re not the only ones who think so, as Deathground is already at 400 backers, with 29 days left until the Kickstarted ends.

YouTube video

Jaw Drop Games says of Deathground: “As huge dinosaur fanatics and experienced game developers, we’re building a game that we’re extremely passionate about and believe this is a game people would love to play. For years, we’ve spotted all types of requests and comments across the internet for this game type. We’ve heard your calls and this is our answer!

Credit: Jaw Drop Games

“After doing serious research and development, we’ve come to some conclusions presented throughout this page that we think will make for a compelling game, that’s expandable and serves a multitude of player types. We already have a super fun internal demo that demonstrates the key gameplay pillars listed below.

“We’re a collective of experienced game development professionals and specialists in Unreal Engine. Beyond this, we have a wide range of talented collaborators we frequently work with who can help us create something incredible.”

Check out the game in action below, courtesy of Jade PG on YouTube, or go and find out more over on the Kickstarter page just here.

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: Jaw Drop Games