Doctor Gives Fortnite-Addicted Kid A Prescription To Stay Away From Video Games

It’s easy to scoff at people who say they’re addicted to video games, but it’s now easier than ever to get too immersed in fictional worlds, to the point where it starts to affect your actual life.

For some parents, it’s a terrifying reality that can seriously impact their children, and it’s a problem that isn’t going away anytime soon.

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Dr. Amir Khan, a UK-based practitioner and one of the stars of television show GPs Behind Closed Doors, recently tweeted about a recent gaming addict that he advised [via MEN].

He told his followers: “The best prescription I gave today was to an 11yr old lad

“‘No Minecraft or Fortnight for two weeks, doctors orders!’

“Addictive computer games impacting his life

“I even wrote it on a prescription pad and signed it! Good luck to the pharmacist who gets that!”

Credit: Epic Games

Although lots of parents were quick to agree with the doctor’s ‘prescription,’ some parents jumped in to defend some video games – as long as they’re played in moderation.

Credit: Epic Games

One parent commented: “My son is 6, autistic and thanks to games (Forza Horizon 4) has now found a love for classical music, which has an oddly calming effect! I like your approach to it Dr. Khan, but time limits may be better than total isolation in limited cases.”

Gaming addiction can be serious business, and it’s now recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Find out more about it here.




Featured Image Credit: Epic Games